Discreet trading on a
cryptocurrency market
Successful experience in trading and investing as well as deep expertise gained over the years of legal support in crypto-exchange and OTC business lead to our decision to provide large investors with the opportunity to carry out high volume transactions in buying and selling of cryptocurrencies
We make transactions consciously, safely, in accordance with the interests and goals of the client, taking into account his financial back-ground. Being the regulated company in EU UAB Manimama Exchange is able to take part in the deals on a principal to principal basis and guarantee the absence of regulatory and legal risks
We provide services for token offering as well. Despite the global nature of virtual assets, each country regulates them in its own way, and those regulations get updated all the time. So we provide effective legal management and also give access to our legal set-up for accepting funds from investors on a seed, private, pre-sale round
Deliberate approach to trading
  • 10 + years of successful trading on financial markets including effectively managing bets on a global betting and forex platforms
  • building the right trading strategy based on mathematical analysis and manual trading
  • discreet and cold-minded risk management and execution
Proven legal expertise
  • In-house legal support of cryptocurrency exchange during 6 previous years
  • Sophistikated team of lawyers who truly belief in leading role of cryptocurrency
  • Certified AML officers and compliance specialists
  • Analyzing clients' investment history for building right customer relationship management
  • Creating unique customer journeys with individual hike from our side
Client care focus
Onboard with
Manimama Exchange today
Manimama Exchange provides institutions and individuals with unique access to opportunities in the cryptoasset space. We provide a streamlined and efficient counterparty onboarding process with physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that keep information safe from unauthorized access or use
Office in Lithuania
UAB Manimama Exchange
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